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Welcome to your Garage Logic Fan Club site.

Hi Garage Logicians! You've found the fan club site of the wildly popular radio program Garage Logic. Thanks for your interest. We've been out on the web for awhile now, and are blown away by the number of logicians who have found us. Keep coming back, and we'll keep on 'going in' to make the site better. Please send site suggestions to More sections coming soon.

To see a picture of 'the Rook' and Glenn (a founder of this site), click here.

We'd like to hold some kind of contest regarding 'the look'. Do you have a digital picture of your CP, DA, daughter, or anyone else giving the look? If so, send it to We will put any and all on the site.

We've had some major problems with the company that used to host this site. Fortunately, we are now with a great hosting company. Itasca Internet Services is thoroughly gl, and we'd like to recommend them if you need internet services.

Note: is not part of KSTP.
 It is put together by a couple of regular GL'ers!