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Holy Toledo!

The Toledo Blade reports that students attending the annual Jefferson-Madison Leadership Camp sponsored by Toledo Public Schools have voted to change the gathering’s name, in part because Jefferson and Madison were slave owners and "some people might not view them as leaders," as one student put it. The camp, attended by students with polished academic records from throughout the district, focuses on teaching kids responsibility, moral courage, loyalty and citizenship. A new name for the camp will be chosen later this school year.

How about the "Toledo History Re-writers"?

Maybe we should just toss out the entire Declaration of Independence and any law written while slavery was still allowed in this country?

The sad part is that some people will agree with this!

- Glenn

By: glenn@easy-access.com
Posting Date: November 27, 2000

Dredging Up the Cattails

Front page photo and story from the Bemidji Pioneer newspaper for Friday, 11/17/00 must have caused some internal conflicts for euphorians and diversificationists. Seems the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service funded a project to bring a giant backhoe to dredge out cattails from a pond located on the grounds of the Bemidji Middle School. You'd think the environmentalists would be concerned about the destruction of natural wetlands and wildlife habitat. But the purpose of the project was to "bring back more diversity" to the pond - apparently Mother Nature too keenly favored cattails over other species of plant life, while Middle School science classes want to be able to study other species. So human intervention is overruling natural processes so that young humans can study and learn more about "nature!" So much for the rights of cattails to flourish in their natural conditions; diversity must rule!

By: Rocky Coffin rockycoffin@hotmail.com
Posting Date: November 17, 2000

What Happened to 50000+votes!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to your show & a guy called about the appearance of 50000+ votes _____________------What can you do about getting this story out to the right people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lets DO IT!!!
ED Oskorep
Stone Lake ,Wi.

By: eoskorep@win.bright.net
Posting Date: November 16, 2000

democratic voter fraud

Dear Joe:
Those young men talking about the big gain Gore had in the last 1% of the vote.
Today, Nov. 16th, I saw on CNBC reported that a Democratic operative was arrested in possision of a vote punch machine. This is a fact.
Also, as I type this now, I just heard that the Florida supreme court has ruled that Palm Beach County can go ahead a manually recount all the votes.
That will sure put lots of finger prints on those ballots, won't it.
Is this the end of the world as we know it?

By: Joel Alsaker jellyrol@astound.net
Posting Date: November 16, 2000

Fliers Fuss

When a student at the sate University of New York posted fliers for a picnic honoring the memory of Jackie Robinson, he never expected protests. But 40 students cried foul, claiming that "picnic" at one time referred to choosing a black male to lynch. In fact, picnic stems from the 17th century French phrase pique-nique, meaning a social gathering where each participant brought food, but the affirmative-action director said it didn't matter. "The point is, the word offended," he said. Student leaders suggested using the word outing instead, but the campus gay group objected.

Please, give me a break.

By: slp192256@cs.com
Posting Date: November 12, 2000

It has to go somewhere...

i was debating the global warming issue with a co-worker. I was trying to explain that we, the human race, do not do as much damage as mother nature does to herself. As a case in point I brought up how, at one point, the largest 'ozone holes' were located near the south pole. A place known for centuries to have no industry WHATSOEVER! Therefore, according to Algore and friends there shouldn't be any problems. His response? Well of COURSE the ozone holes are in the south pole! The pollution settles THERE because it is at the bottom of the planet!

By: clerick44@hotmail.com
Posting Date: October 26, 2000

halloween fright

My kids and I were sneaking around the neighborhood the other night at the hour of about 7pm. The goal was to deliver a secret 'phantom ghost' package to a front door, ring the bell, and hide.

While the kids were hiding behind the homeowner's van in the driveway (they were too scared to do the dirty work), I ran to the door, dropped the package (an obvious halloween package with pumpkin stickers), rang the bell, and ran back to be with the kids behind the van.

On came the porch light, and commotion at the door---the kids of the house wanted to pick up the bag, but the dad screamed at them "DONT PICK IT UP!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US KILLED??? I guess he thought it was a bomb.

Geeze...I guess times have changed.

By: diane diane@greatwolf.com
Posting Date: October 17, 2000

no more athlete trainers.

As I was watching the Wild hockey game on Sunday, the announcer called the trainer a "athlete thearapist."

By: paul
Posting Date: October 16, 2000

Pet Insurance in the workplace

Just saw a foxnews.com piece on health insurance for pets becoming more popular for employers to offer.

I guess that animals are people too!

- Glenn

Posting Date: September 20, 2000

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